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A Very Merry & Tasty Take-Away Christmas

Christmas Packages for

Businesses & Private Customers

Whether you're gathering your team for a casual Christmas celebration or friends and family for a stress-free 

Christmas Eve dinner, we're at your service with these bountiful, delicious holiday catering packages.

Please Note: Christmas Eve dinner is packaged for pick up the day before, December 23rd. The meal is

specially designed for next-day warming for easy,

no fuss preparations on the festive night. 

Pick your menu just as you like it, caring for your and your guest's wishes and dietary needs. 

All courses /items will be packed separately in single-use containers for warming and plating at home. 

Meals are designed to be prepared on the day of pick-up or the day after without any loss of quality.  

Ordering Guidelines

*** Last day of pick-up is Dec 23rd for preparation on x-mas eve***

Order must be a minimum of 2 courses and all main courses need side dishes to be complete.

Deadline for Christmas orders:Monday, December 19th.

Available Monday-Saturday

Minimum guest count: 4  Maximum guest count:  30 

Please consider home warming limitations when ordering for larger parties


Before December 23rd, we can provide the hardware needed to set your

buffet table, though, availability is limited.  

If you think you will need support in this area, please contact us

before placing your order for details and availability.

Costs and conditions will vary*  

* Delivery & hardware offer not available on the 23rd of December. 

Any questions? Need help putting your menu together? Give us a call! 030 627 32 538

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