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be a box

A reminder to stay true.

We can't help but to notice the onslaught of Bowls on the scene these days. Having not sampled even a fraction of them, we hesitate to cast a net of judgement but we are suspicious.

At Stella, our team is small but our love is BIG. As much as we enjoy reaching new customers, our top priority is the customers we have right now. Keeping our own standard of quality is our motivation every day. It's tricky to grow and maintain the very reasons why you're growing to begin with, but we accept this challenge wholeheartedly.

If you haven't tried Stella yet, we'd like to extend a special offer to do so. Taste the difference yourself- the difference between the Stella Box and the sometimes Loveless Bowl. Right now we are working with the amazing produce and flavors of autumn and fall. We want to share the inspiration!

For our treasured customers, we extend the same offer to you as a "thank you for noticing".


All Stella Pre-Orders from now until the end of October, receive a complimentary box of our homemade SWEET TREATS for every person ordered for. Please use Yes to the Box in your subject line so we know you're in on the secret.

Stella Pre-Order Delivery is perfect for team lunches, casual client lunches as well as private gatherings of any kind.

More information about Stella Pre-Order Delivery HERE.

Straight to our PRE-DESIGNED PACKAGES to order HERE.

Whoever you are, whatever work you are doing, whatever kind of business you're in... stay true to that thing that sets you apart. Be a box in a world of bowls.

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