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Stella Braziliance
Suzy Fracassa

About Us

Our Concept & Founder

First came Fortuna's Table Catering, then Feast Private Dining and most recently our baby, Stella.

Fortuna's Table & Co. has been evolving for over 15 years. Often being inspired by the changing face of the city and personal whims, our philosophy has stayed the same: it always comes down to simple, good food.

We tend to gravitate away from trends and instead are drawn towards fulfilling our own desires to produce a quality product.

Suzy Fracassa, born in Detroit, Michigan and raised on Italian-American family cooking, has worked for over twenty five years in the gastronomic world.

On moving to New York in 1994, she plunged into the city's food scene, spending six years with some of its greatest, brightest, cutting-edge outfits. Based in Berlin since 2000, Suzy is the owner and operator of Fortuna's Table Catering, Fortuna's Feast Private Dining now her new endeavor, Stella.

Suzy's philosophy is simple: Make good food from the heart and people will taste it. Stick to the basics and don't complicate things; fresh ingredients speak for themselves and a little creativity goes a long way.

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