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Feed the Crew: 

Pre-designed Packages

Whether your "crew" is corporate or private, these pre-designed packages make ordering easy

Instant Buffets

Save time and money with our pre-designed packages, we've already done the thinking here.

Instant buffets are for sharing starting at 6+ people per package**Mix and match to please the tastes of your guests or play it safe and order The Everyone!

All items come packed in eco-friendly paper boxes and can be plated in your own dishes and platters to give a more polished presentation. 

**Why a minimum of 6? To ensure clear portrayal and easy distinction of buffet themes, especially when multiple themes are ordered!

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 19.32.37.png

Individually Packed Mixed Salad Boxes

Depending on the size of your box, you'll get between 3-5 different Stella salads arranged in such a way that entices the eye! Add a salad topping or opt for an extra 100g of pure salad goodness.

Individually Packed Meal Combos

Individually packed breakfast and lunch items allow your team to "Grab & Go" in a quick and easy way.

Indicate whether you prefer the items separately bagged for each person or separately grouped together per item.

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