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Choose your Meaty Main (prices range, see below)
  • Minimum Order 4 People (Anzahl must be at least 4!)
    • Example: Ordering for 4 people / Anzahl 4, Ordering for 6 people/ Anzahl 6 etc.
  • Price shown is cost per serving / person
  • Cost varies depending on choices
  • IMPORTANT! This Starter choice will apply for every guest in your party.
    We are unable to mix menus per customer / party / pick up.

    **Just to be clear! These menus are for communal dining and all guests will have all 3 of the same courses unless you have a vegetarian guest, and in this case, you can choose a vegetarian main course for those in attendance. Thank you so much for your cooperation!**

Choose your Meaty Main (prices range, see below)

16,00 €Preis

Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with Ginger & Pomegranate price: 20.50 (off the bone)

Roasted and Sliced Goose Breast with Cherry-Port Sauce price: 18.50

Beef Pot Roast with Mushrooms, Carrots with Red Wine &Thyme price: 17.00

Roasted Turkey with Thyme Gravy price 16.00
(breast only)

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