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Mega Salads*

PLASE NOTE: This package is calculated as a full course portionas if you were serving only these salads and they would be expected to satisfy as a meal. 


If you are ordering the Mega Salads as an accompaniment to a BBQ with items coming from the grill or an addition to an existing buffet, you should consider reducing the number of guests you are ordering for as the amount needed is much less as side dishes. 


We're here to help find the perfect amount so you don't end up with too much or too little when you are adding Mega Salads as side dishes. Just let us know if you need assistance! 


Our signature salads aren’t for wimps! We use various whole grains, pastas, nuts, seeds, whole fresh fruits, dried fruits and of course, tons of seasonal vegetables to create interesting combinations that satisfy. This package is perfect for casual buffets that you serve on their own or add your own mains and extras to. 700 - 800g p.P.


Don't forget to add Sweet Treats for your guests!


**Why a minimum of 6 per package? To ensure clear portrayal and easy distinction of buffet themes, especially when multiple themes are ordered!**


Please read our Delivery Protocol BEFORE making your order!


We are using Uber (materialfahrt) for deliveries, and to ensure everything runs smoothly, it is important you feel comfortable with the delivery protocol we have laid out above. We really count on your cooperation with this!

Thank you :)

Mega Salads*

16,50 €Preis

Package includes the following:

  • Seasonal Slaw with Dried Cranberries, Fresh Dill and Toasted Sunflower Seeds (V)
  • NYC Style Sesame Noodles (V)
  • Wildcard Salad* I (V)
  • Wildcard Salad* II (V)
  • Wildcard Salad* III (V)

*What is a wild card you ask? Wild cards are spontaneous daily creations, born from seasonal products, so fresh you can only find out about them on the day of your delivery or expect the unexpected.

V = vegan / Veg = vegetarian

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