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Standard Breakfast

Our Breakfast in buffet style. Everything labeled for clarity.

Please only choose 1 style of breakfast (Vegetarian, Meats & Fish OR Vegetarian / Vegan)


Breakfast Order Deadline: 3 days in advance

Delivery times: Monday - Friday 8am - 10am


16.50€ per person


Minimum order quantity: 6 and ONLY in combination with a lunch order

Standard Breakfast

16,50 €Preis

The Vegetarian, Meats & Fish Breakfast Package includes the following:

  • Assorted Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Sandwiches (2 halves p.P)
  • Muesli-Yogurt-Berry Mix or Chia Pudding (1 p.P) 
  • Assorted Mini Croissants & Energy Balls
  • Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit (1 portion p.P)
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