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Stella's Tropical Cafeteria: fight the gloom

There's no stopping it now.... Berlin is headed straight into the gloomy period of the year and for those of you who know, you know what that means.

We need to have a plan, people! We have to make it our mission to find places that prevent our mood from slipping down along with the mercury or be engulfed by the grey cloud-blanket that wraps itself around the city come October/November.

Here at Stella, we are doing our part by offering our already mood enhancing food but also we're providing a gloom-fighting place to eat it in, our Tropical Cafeteria. You'll be surrounded by non other than the original Dorothy Draper "Brazilliance" banana leaf wallpaper and this is bound to make you feel good about life. Our little room is a clean, well lit space, somewhere to take those few extra moments to refuel body and soul.

p.s. It seems that the wallpaper has become a sort of "selfie-backdrop" phenomenon in Berlin and we like that. SO, if you happen to snap a selfie in our cafeteria, be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We'd appreciate the boost! Thanks a lot!

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