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You too can have your very own Stella Pop-Up

Lately we've been fielding many requests for our cute Stella Pop-Up. We're going to give credit to this lovely weather because it truly is the perfect time of year for such a set up. Business anniversary celebrations, university graduations, birthday parties, music festivals, boat parties on the Spree... we've been popping up in various ways all over the place.

Now we'd like to go public to say that you too can have a Stella Pop-Up of your very own! We'd happily show up for large and smaller groups and private and corporate functions alike. We can offer just our signature seasonal salads and toppings along with a friendly Stella attendant to do the scooping but can customize to include other items as well. As a full catering and event service, we can even organize and manage a full BBQ in addition.

If you're interested, please send us an email for more information and we'd be glad to tell you all about how we can Pop-Up for YOU.

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