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Extra Special Company Christmas Parties at Feast

How to create Christmas magic...

As far as creating Christmas magic, we believe it’s rather simple:

Good company. Delicious food. Flowing drink. A warm, comfortable and private atmosphere.

Our December calendar is already filling up but a few days still remain for bookings. Please request our Christmas PDF that goes into detail of what we offer. Once reading through it's pages,you'll surely have a very clear picture of how your special evening will be.

Among the many details in the packet, you'll find a few menus to choose from. All have been lovingly crafted to give you and your guests a unique culinary experience. Keep in mind that we do care for all dietary special requests. Whether you have guests who are vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerant or have any other kind of restrictions, we take the time to care for everyone.

Let us help you bring in the cheer this Christmas season!

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