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These Ladies Mean (good) Business

These Ladies mean Business

It's all about who you have on your team.

I was not born a "manager of people". If anything, I was born a lone wolf, the youngest of four by a long shot. I could spend hours in my "Toy Room" on my own, in my own world with a multitude of hand-me-down toys ranging from my brothers matchbox cars, my sister's Easy Bake Oven and various baby dolls and stuffed animals. From time to time I had friends over but there were rules in the Toy Room and if they played nice, we'd have fun and if not, Toy Room privileges were revoked.

Come to find out , the Toy Room model didn't really translate into the real world. I've had to learn that and I am still learning that... I believe I will always be learning that. The delicate chemistry of working together is heighten thanks to the industry we are working in and the town in which we are trying to do our business. Gastronomy and Berlin, a very volatile combination. Ask anyone.

This being said, I am so BLESSED to have the team I have right now. Hardworking and smart and funny. Tough and beautiful, inside and out. And... patient, patient with me and my occasional lapses into Toy Room Rules.

Pictured here we have the dynamic duo, Tawan and Sanna. These ladies have taken our Stella Shop to a new level. They put so much heart and brains into everything they do. They head up our new Instagram account as well, stella_shopandcatering (please follow!) where you can see what Wildcard salads we have in the shop daily, our changing warm ready dishes and a special offer here and there. It's pure Stella.

I do know there will be a time when my team shifts again... it's inevitable and I've come to terms with this. As they say, to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Fingers crossed, heaven keeps this bunch around for awhile.

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