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Sweets for our Sweets

We love to love you. Free cookies!

For the entire month of February, all Stella Pre-Orders,will come with a complimentary box of our homemade, buttery, heart-shaped cookies with rose-spiked icing.

What is Stella Pre-Order? Stella Pre-Order is Stella DELIVERED.

In other words, it's Stella's very own "meal dispatch". Somewhere between full catering and restaurant delivery, the Stella Pre-Order system will organize delivery of our Ready Dishes from our door to yours.

Serving small groups from 6 - 20+ people, our goal is to satisfy as many palates as possible within one order. Our pre-designed packages will help you build the perfect buffet. Your meal will arrive in our eco-friendly recycled paper containers, ready for buffet style service or to be plated in something from your own collection.

Now would be a great time to brighten these often dreary February days with some Stella deliciousness and heart-shaped cookies on top. Please don't hesitate to call if you need help placing your oder 03062732538

Want a whole box of cookies for your sweetheart? Drop us note and we'll make that happen. Pick up in the shop or delivered


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