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Staring down the prospect of more Home Office

During the last days of Indian Summer, there's a certain "chill" in the air and we're not referring to the temperature.

As the situation stands, perhaps now more than ever, we must keep our guard up as we head indoors. Many people never returned to work, working from home for some has become the new normal. The seasonal weather allowed for venturing out after lockdown to grab a bite to eat at their favorite place and new regulations allowed for outdoor seating to sprawl out into uncharted territory. This is about to change.

Here's a little reminder that we have a pre-designed package made just for the Home Office person, one that will keep you fed and happy as the days grow shorter and the temps drop.

Set yourself up for almost a week of lunches with this package that has been designed to last. The Home Office includes enough variety to mix and match to keep things exciting. Feeds 1 person up to 3-4 days. All "warm" dishes will be delivered cold, allowing you to heat according to your wishes . (Total Savings 10% off a la carte prices)


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