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Stella packed and ready to go!

stella order 2

All salads are packed separately to become an instant buffet, if it's a casual affair!


Plate your Stella Pre-Order in your own dishes for a more polished presentation. Shhhh... we won't tell anyone you didn't cook it!

stella to go

Each box is clearly labeled for quick dietary reference

stella salad

Always fresh, always delicious!

stella slaw

We work with seasonal vegetables and you can taste it!

stella order

Don't forget to order toppings! We offer smoked tofu, crumbled feta cheese, roasted mixed seeds, poached salmon, and herb crusted grilled chicken breast

stella breakfast

We even do breakfast! Look for the Breakfast Packages link under "Stella Delivered"

stella delivery

Our instant BBQ packages for a quick and easy, no fuss grilling experience!

Stella Pre-Order

We are committed to working with recycled and biodegradable materials.

Stella Pre-Order

Our famous double chocolate brownie bites. Don't forget to add sweet treats when ordering!

Stella Pre-Order

Shop Catering Delivered

Stella Pre-Order is Stella's very own "meal dispatch". Somewhere between full catering and restaurant delivery, the Stella Pre-Order system will organize the delivery of our Ready Dishes from our door to yours - wherever that may be. Whether it's your office, home or under that certain tree in your favorite park, we'll send you a delicious, seasonal selection made to order.


Serving small groups from 6 - 20+ people, our goal is to satisfy as many palates as possible within one order. Our pre-designed packages will help you build the perfect buffet. Your meal will arrive in our eco-friendly recycled paper containers, ready for buffet-style service or to be plated in something from your own collection.


Stella Pre-Order is perfect for in-house business lunch meetings with clients, lunch with your colleagues, catering for small photoshoots/video shoot crews, lower budget productions, your contribution to a potluck buffet/Mitbring-Party, BBQ accompaniments, spontaneous picnics, instant party buffets…you get the picture.



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